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Company Culture

Core concept



Do safety shoes industry leader

· Constantly listen to and meet user needs, guide and exceed user needs, to win the respect of users

· Through the promotion of brand image, so that employees have a high degree of corporate honor, won the respect of employees

· Promote the continuous and healthy development of the labor insurance industry, grow together with our partners and win the respect of the industry

Focus on corporate responsibility, service, caring society, giving back to the community, won the respect of the community



Enhance labor productivity through product services

· Make products and services like water and electricity into people's lives and bring people safety and comfort

· Focus on different regions and groups, and provide differentiated products and services to different target groups

· Create an open and win-win platform and work together with partners to create an ecological environment for health protection products


Management philosophy - care about staff growth

·Provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism

·Improve staff training system and career development channels, so that employees and enterprises simultaneously grow

· Fully respect and trust employees, continue to guide and encourage, make it the joy of achievement

enterprise brand


Business philosophy

All based on user value


Integrity + Enterprising + Cooperation + Innovation

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Add:10 buildings 2,12 buildings 5,Binhai six road 36#,Yongxing Avenue,Longwan District,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province, P.R.C

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